We are cycling from San Francisco to Washington, DC from June 4 to August 4. Along the way, we’re meeting with local groups to talk about why we believe in diversity in international relations.

Our Route:
We are following the Adventure Cycling Association’s Western Express route from San Francisco to Pueblo, and then the TransAmerica from Pueblo to DC. A sampling of the towns we will pass include:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Fiddletown, CA
  • Tahoe, CA
  • Carson City, NV
  • Fallon, NV
  • Eureka, NV
  • Ely, NV
  • Baker, NV
  • Cedar City, UT
  • Ruby’s Inn, UT
  • Hanksville, UT
  • Fry Canyon, UT
  • Monticello, UT
  • Dolores, CO
  • Ridgway, CO
  • Montrose, CO
  • Sargents, CO
  • Cotopaxi, CO
  • Pueblo, CO
  • Scott City, KS
  • Hesston, KS
  • Newton, KS

  • Cassoday, KS
  • Eureka, KS
  • Pittsburg, KS
  • Springfield, MO
  • Summersville, MO
  • Ellington, MO
  • Farmington, MO
  • Chester, IL
  • Carbondale, IL
  • Marion, KY
  • Fordsville, KY
  • Sonora, KY
  • Berea, KY
  • Vincent, KY
  • Elkhorn City, KY
  • Rosedale, VA
  • Damascus, VA
  • Wythville, VA
  • Christiansburg, VA
  • Lexington, VA
  • Charottesville, VA
  • Yorktown, VA

Bicycling Specifics:
This is the first annual SAIS student-led bike ride across the U.S. to reach more rural populations. The 2019 bike ride will start in San Francisco and end in Washington D.C. The ride would follow a detailed route that passes through 111 U.S. cities, 97 of which are small and non-coastal. For maximum impact, we are collaborating with relevant administration offices at SAIS to implement the following strategies:

Awareness: We are organizing meetings along the way at community colleges, churches, and townhalls via local media outlets. We want to reach as many people from non-coastal regions of the U.S.  Team participants will discuss our internships and career prospects, as well as the desire for more representation of middle-American voices in the D.C. career realm. We will also collect contact information and establish mentorship connections for interested students, so that they can receive guidance on the skills necessary to put together a competitive application. 

Fundraising: We are working closely with the SAIS development office to connect with alumni en route to raise funds for the Underrepresented Communities Fellowship.

Meet us along the way! If you live along our route, shoot us a message. We’d love to grab coffee, drinks, or a meal with you to talk about our mission.